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2023-2024 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 EIU Undergraduate Catalog

Health Sciences (B.S.)

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This interdisciplinary major prepares student for careers in health care, patient care and family support, client advocacy and assistance, health care-related sectors, and for advanced study in allied health. Students develop a diverse range of skill sets and core knowledge to better serve others in health science associated industries.

Beyond the core, three options exist to provide students with different opportunities to structure their interdisciplinary program in areas of their professional interest:

  • Policy and Ethics prepares students to work in governmental agencies, administrative departments, or advocacy organizations in health-related fields.
  • Diversity and Equity in Health provides students with a background in social determinants of health and health care with an emphasis on understanding and serving marginalized groups. 
  • Generalist Option offers flexibility in curriculum selections such that students can customize their courses to fit their career interests in the health sciences.


*Students hoping to enroll in professional health programs (such as Medicine, Dentistry, Podiatry, Chiropractic, Pharmacy, Optometry, Veterinary , Physician Assistant, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Pathologists’ Assistant) should take CHM 1310G & 1315G (CHM 1390G & 1395G) and BIO 1500 in their first semester or as early as possible.

Professional Options (21-22 credit hours)

Students complete one of the following three options:

Option 1: Policy and Ethics (21-22 credit hours)

Option 2: Diversity and Equity in Health (21-22 hours)

Option 3: Generalist Option (21-22) credit hours

Recommended Minors

B.S. in Health Sciences students are strongly encouraged to complete one of the following complementary minors to their major course of study associated with career interests:

  • Diversity and Societal Impact of Health

- Africana Studies (18 cr.)

- Aging Studies (18 cr.)

- Anthropology (21 cr.)

- Communication & Cultural Diversity (18 cr.)

- Latin American and Latinx Studies (20 cr.)

- Sociology (18 cr.)

- World Languages and Cultures: Spanish, German, or French (20 cr.)

- Women’s, Gender & Sexuality Studies (18 cr.)

  • Healthcare Business & Technology

- Business Analytics (18 cr.)

- Computer Science (25 cr.)

- Health Communication (21 cr.)

- Health & Medical Humanities (18 cr.)

- Human Resource Management (18 cr.)

- Human Services (18 cr.)

- Leadership in Community Recreation (21-22 cr)

- Management Information Systems (21 cr.)

- Meeting & Event Management (15 cr.)

- Operations & Supply Chain Management (18 cr.)

- Organizational Leadership (18 cr.)

- Public Relations (21 cr.)

- Recreation Administration (22 cr.)

  • Health, Fitness, and Wellness Programming

- Financial Literacy (18 cr.)

- Kinesiology, Sport, & Recreation (22 cr.)

- Nutrition & Dietetics (18 cr.)

- Public Health (18 cr.)

- Workplace Wellness (21 cr.)

  • Patient Care or Foundation for Advanced Study for Patient Care

- Communication Disorders & Sciences (18 cr.)

- Nutrition & Dietetics (18 cr.)

- Psychology (18 cr.)

  • Policy and Ethics

- Ethics (18 cr.)

- Civic and Nonprofit Leadership (18 cr.)

- Pre-Law Studies (21 cr.)

- Political Science (18 cr.)

  • Science Concentrations for Advanced Study

- Biochemistry (24 cr.)

- Biological Sciences (21 cr.)

- Chemistry (20 cr.)

- Neuroscience (21-25 cr.)

*Note - required core courses in the major may also be used to satisfy the requirements of a selected minor.


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