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2023-2024 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2023-2024 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

General Education Course Library

General Education

General Education at Eastern Illinois University offers students an intellectual foundation for their academic, professional, and personal lives. The General Education program is aligned with the University’s mission to help students “refine their abilities to reason and to communicate clearly so as to become responsible citizens and leaders.” General Education refers to the part of the university’s education common to all students. By facilitating students’ exploration of questions across multiple fields of study, general education courses foster knowledge, while also engaging students in issues encountered by citizens in a democracy. 

Core intellectual skills embodied in our university learning goals—critical thinking, writing & critical reading, speaking & listening, quantitative reasoning, and various aspects of responsible citizenship (ethical reasoning, considering diverse perspectives, and civic implications)—are practiced and integrated continuously across general education.

Courses in the other segments of general education focus on a particular learning goal in addition to their topic content (e.g., quantitative reasoning in the natural sciences, communication in the arts and humanities, responsible citizenship in the social and behavioral sciences) and also give focused attention to critical thinking and at least one other learning goal. Courses that target a specific university learning goal have learning objectives and graded assignments tied to the learning goal; they also provide explicit instruction, practice, and feedback related to the development of that skill.

Semester Hour Requirements in the General Education Program

Language (2 composition + 1 speech) 9 semester hours
Humanities and Fine Arts 9 semester hours
Mathematics 3 semester hours
Scientific Awareness 7 semester hours
Social/Behavioral Sciences 9 semester hours
Senior Seminar/Study Abroad/Capstone 3 hours
One Cultural Diversity course included above (*indicated by an asterisk below)
TOTAL 40 hours

Students following catalogs prior to Fall 2006 must satisfy the constitution requirement.

Please refer to the catalog section titled ”Academic Regulations” for the complete list of requirements for graduation.

General Education Courses Required of ALL Teacher Licensure Candidates Either as Part of the Above Required 40 semester hours or in addition to the IAI Core or Transfer General Education:

  • A 3 semester hour Diversity Course or Third World/Non-Western Course

  • “C” or better in ENG 1001G, ENG 1002G, CMN 1310G or their equivalents (a minimum of 9 semester hours is required.)

  • “C” or better in 3 semester hours of college level math

  • PLS 1153G or HIS 3600G or an equivalent U.S. Constitution course

Note: Post-baccalaureate Teacher Licensure Candidates must meet all general education requirements with the exception of Senior Seminar. 

General Education Courses Listed by Category


(9 semester hours with a “C” or higher in each course)

Courses transferred in fulfillment of these requirements will be accepted only if they were completed with grades of “C” or higher.


(9 semester hours)

Complete at least one course from humanities and one from fine arts; courses must represent at least two different disciplines:

Humanities 3 hours
Fine Arts 3 hours
Humanities OR Fine Arts 3 hours



Fine Arts

Film Studies


(7 semester hours)

Complete at least one course in the biological sciences and one in the physical sciences. At least one of the courses must be a laboratory course:

Biological Sciences 3 or 4 hours
Physical Sciences 3 or 4 hours


Physical Sciences


Engineering Technology


(9 semester hours)

Choose courses from at least two different disciplines.


Hospitality Tourism and Management

Recreation Administration


(3 semester hours)

Study Abroad Capstone

Study Abroad Program (2+ semester hours) and STA 4000G (1 semester hour) – Study Abroad is a high quality international academic opportunity that enables students to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership in an interdependent world. The University offers study abroad programs in more than 30 countries around the world. Competitive scholarships are available. Students should plan and apply early. After successful completion of an approved EIU study abroad program, and 75 semester hours, students are eligible to take STA 4000G. As a capstone, STA 4000G will require students to exercise their abilities to think critically about their global education experiences. STA 4000G incorporates university assessment activities, which may include tests, surveys and other instruments. To allow ample time for writing and discussion, STA 4000G, will be limited to a maximum of 25 students.