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2003-2005 EIU Graduate Catalog 
2003-2005 EIU Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biological Sciences

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Program Mission: The Master of Science in Biological Sciences offers students the opportunity to pursue advanced training in many areas of modern biology. The size of the program facilitates close contact between the student and graduate faculty from the Department of Biological Sciences.  Experiences provided by the graduate faculty in formal courses, research laboratories, and in diverse field situations are the basis not only for degree requirements but also for continuation of their postgraduate education and placement in a career in the biological sciences.

Admission Requirements: To be eligible for degree candidacy, applicants must meet all of the requirements for admission to the Graduate School (see “Admission to Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs”).  In addition, applicants must file the following with the Biological Sciences Graduate Program Committee: a Biological Sciences Program Application, a statement of personal goals, and three letters of recommendation from persons familiar with the applicant’s academic ability.  Applicants must have an undergraduate degree in the biological sciences or a related field, at least a 2.75 GPA during the last two years of undergraduate study, and one year of inorganic chemistry.  At least one course each in calculus, organic chemistry, physics, and statistics is strongly recommended.  A minimum score of 1000 on the verbal and quantitative part of the GRE (General) is recommended for admission.  Undergraduate course work will be used by the Biological Sciences Graduate Program Committee to diagnose academic deficiencies.  Students may be required to remedy undergraduate deficiencies by taking courses which do not count toward the graduate degree.

Study Plan Approval: A study plan must be approved by the student’s advisory committee and filed with the graduate coordinator prior to the completion of 12 semester hours of graduate credit.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements include those outlined for the master’s degree by the Graduate School (see “Requirements for the Master’s Degree”).  The department offers a thesis option (30 semester hours), a non-thesis option (32 semester hours), and an internship option (32 semester hours).

Students are initially assigned to the Coordinator, Biological Sciences Graduate Program Committee for academic advisement.  A permanent advisor should be selected during the first term of residence.  In consultation with the advisor, the student will select at least two additional graduate faculty to serve as his or her advisory committee.  Each student’s program of study is designed to fit individual student needs and interests within the framework of degree requirements of the Graduate School.

All students are required to enroll in BIO 5150 Seminar during their tenure in the graduate program.  All students are required to successfully complete an oral comprehensive examination prior to the completion of the graduate degree.

Depending on the degree option pursued by the student, the following courses may be required:

Graduate Assistantships

Information on graduate assistantships may be obtained by contacting the Coordinator of Graduate Studies or Chair, Biological Sciences, 2070 Life Science Building, EIU.

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