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2007-2008 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2007-2008 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EIU Study Abroad

General Mission

International academic experiences help students develop the personal and professional skills required to become effective and viable global citizens in a diverse world. Eastern Illinois University recognizes study abroad as a fundamental component of excellence in higher education and encourages all students to take advantage of the fine opportunities available. It is the desire of the University to move study abroad from the exception to the norm and to emerge as a leader of international education within Illinois, the nation, and the world.

Office of Study Abroad

The Office of Study Abroad, in consultation with the International Programs Advisory Council, establishes and monitors policies and procedures for credit-bearing activities and programs that take place outside of the United States. The Office of Study Abroad is dedicated to providing EIU students with affordable, high quality international academic opportunities that allow them to develop the knowledge and skills necessary for leadership in an interdependent world. A resource center and full range of comprehensive services are available for students seeking to integrate an international experience into their studies at Eastern Illinois University. Campus-wide events and weekly information meetings are offered to provide additional information.

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Program Options

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Programs are offered all over the world and range in length from one week to an academic year. Students are encouraged to explore opportunities early in their academic career.

EIU and Partner Programs are posted at These programs have been evaluated and approved to meet the goals of academic departments and the mission/strategic plan of the Institution at large. These programs offer EIU credit toward a variety of major, minor, and general education requirements.

Non-Partner Programs must be approved by the Office of Study Abroad via a Petition for Program Approval.

Admission Requirements

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Students must have completed one semester at EIU (for programs that are not faculty-led or run through consortia) and be in good academic and judicial standing. No student who is on academic or disciplinary probation will be allowed to study abroad on any program through EIU.

Eligibility requirements vary by program. Students must meet eligibility and admission requirements of EIU and Partners in order to qualify for a particular study abroad program.

Enrollment Procedures

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Enrollment is processed through the Office of Study Abroad and the School of Continuing Education (for faculty-led programs only). Information and application materials can be found on the website.


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For exchanges and faculty-led programs, students pay EIU tuition. For all other study abroad programs, EIU tuition is waived and students pay the host institution’s tuition or third-party provider fees.

Insurance Coverage

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Health Insurance as provided through the payment of regular academic fees while attending EIU does not cover students while in transit or during the program while in a foreign country.

International medical/hospitalization coverage is required of all participants who travel for study abroad programs.

Fees & Miscellaneous Charges

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Independent Programs        
Study Abroad Administrative Fee       $300/semester
Faculty-Led Programs        
Study Abroad Administrative Fee       $35/credit hour
Other Administrative Fees        

Credit Evaluation Fee

(Only assessed of students who study abroad without proper authorization
and then request credit transfer.)

Note: The fees above pertain to all study abroad programs; however additional costs will be incurred. These costs vary by program. See the website for program budgets and detailed information.

Financial Aid

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Most federal and state aid can be used for study abroad. Other aid may be available also. For a current list of scholarships in study abroad, visit Some of the most prominent national scholarships include the Gilman, Fulbright, Boren, and Rotary.


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Students may not study abroad as follows:

  • in their home country (international students)
  • in U.S. states or territories
  • in a country which is under a travel warning
  • at an institution not recognized by its Ministry of Education