Dec 09, 2023  
2023-2024 EIU Graduate Catalog 
2023-2024 EIU Graduate Catalog


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Program Mission:
The Master of Science in Sustainability focuses on providing students with interdisciplinary and applied knowledge of the field of sustainability and the environment. In addition to a required core set of courses, the program provides four elective routes that allow students to cater their program toward their professional interest in sustainability, including options in Energy Management, Natural Resources, Social Practices and Community Engagement, and an option that permits curriculum flexibility, such that students could prepare for work in the public or private sector. This degree program is aimed primarily at preparing practitioners and professionals in the fields of Sustainability.

Admission Requirements:
To be eligible for degree candidacy, applicants must meet all of the requirements for admission to the Graduate School (see “Admission to Degree and Certificate Programs”). Candidates for the Master of Science in Sustainability must submit a one pageStatement of Purpose, two letters of recommendation, and a resume in the MyEIU program application.

Degree Audit:
The graduate plan of study is the EIU Degree Audit, which is generated automatically at the time of degree candidacy. Modifications of the standard EIU Degree Audit are submitted by the director to the certification officer in the Graduate School at the time modifications are approved. The Degree Audit serves as an unofficial summary of requirements for the program. Degree candidates are advised to review the comprehensive summary of the Degree Audit process specified on the “Requirements for All Degree and Certificate Candidates” section of the Graduate Catalog. Individual programs may require candidates to submit plans of study in addition to the Degree Audit, candidates should consult with the program director.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements include those outlined for the master’s degree by the Graduate School (see “Requirements for the Master’s Degree”).
Students are required to complete the followings courses for a total of 33 credit hours, to be eligible for the degree.

Required Core 18 Credit Hours:

Energy Management

For the Energy Management option complete the required core courses and 15 hours of the following:

Accelerated Graduate Program

Admission to the accelerated graduate program in Sustainability requires that students have a minimum undergraduate cumulative GPA of 3.25 and the completion of at least 15 credit hours within their major or related discipline. Applicants must have completed a minimum of 60 hours of undergraduate course credit. All applicants must submit a resume and statement of purpose. All enrolled students must meet with the Sustainability graduate coordinator in addition to their undergraduate academic advisor to select courses.

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