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2021-2022 EIU Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 EIU Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Communication Disorders and Sciences

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Program Mission: With an appropriate undergraduate major in communication disorders and sciences, this program meets the requirements for the Certificate of Clinical Competence awarded by the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, the Speech-Language Pathologist License awarded by the Illinois Division of Financial and Professional Regulation, and the K-12 Educator License (with Illinois State Board of Education endorsement). Candidates meeting these requirements are eligible to practice speech-language pathology in both educational and medical settings.

Accreditation:  Council on Academic Accreditation of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association in the area of speech-language pathology.

Admission Requirements:  To be eligible for degree candidacy, applicants must meet all of the requirements for admission to the Graduate School (see “Admission to Graduate Degree and Certificate Programs”).  To be eligible for admission to the degree program, applicants must provide documentation of AT LEAST a 3.00 grade point average (A=4.0) in undergraduate communication disorders and sciences coursework.

Students from any accredited four-year college or university who have completed the appropriate undergraduate degree or undergraduate coursework are encouraged to apply.  Applicants are advised that admission to the program is competitive and determined by a graduate faculty committee that reviews all applications. 

Degree Audit: The graduate plan of study is the EIU Degree Audit, which is generated automatically at the time of degree or certificate candidacy. Modifications of the standard EIU Degree Audit are submitted by the graduate coordinator to the certification officer in the Graduate School at the time modifications are approved. The Degree Audit serves as an unofficial summary of requirements for the program. Degree and certificate candidates are advised to review the comprehensive summary of the Degree Audit process specified on the “Requirements for All Degree and Certificate Candidates” section of the Graduate Catalog. Individual programs may require candidates to submit plans of study in addition to the Degree Audit, candidates should consult with the program coordinator.

Degree Requirements

Degree requirements include those outlined for the master’s degree by the Graduate School (see “Requirements for the Master’s Degree”) and those specified below for the Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences.

Degree candidates for the Master of Science in Communication Disorders and Sciences will complete the curriculum sequence detailed below, which includes all of the courses, clinical practicum, and internship requirements. Candidates typically complete a plan of study arranged over 6 or 7 terms as outlined on the Graduate Program in Speech-Language Pathology section of the Communication Disorders and Sciences website. In addition to the required courses, clinical practicum, and internship requirements, candidates may select from electives including Independent Study, Thesis, and Study Abroad (when offered).  Students are also advised that they must meet Essential Functions for enrollment in Clinical Practicum and Internship Experiences.

Elective Courses

In addition to the required courses, clinical practicum, and internship experiences, candidates may opt to enroll in electives including Special Topics (when available), Independent Study, CDS Study Abroad (when available), or Thesis.  Candidates completing a Thesis must enroll in a total of 4 credit hours of CDS 5890 and must defend and deposit the thesis prior to completion of the degree. 

Required Full-Time Internship Experiences

All candidates in all tracks and options are required to complete two internships in two different settings.  All candidates complete a Medical Internship and all candidates complete an Educational Internship unless approved to substitute the Clinical Internship as described below.

  • Credits: 9
  • Candidates register for 9 semester hours.  To be eligible for the Medical Internship candidates must complete the following requirements specific to EIU as well as the external medical internship site:

    Submit and pay for a background investigation

    Provide documentation of a physical exam and immunization records

    Provide proof of professional liability insurance

    Complete and pay for other miscellaneous trainings, orientations, requirement tracking programs, and/or documentation which may be required by the external medical internship site



  • Credits: 9
  • All candidates register for 9 semester hours. To be eligible for the Educational Internship candidates must complete the following :

    • Submit and pay for a criminal background investigation
    • Submit a passing score on the Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP), or meet approved substitution requirements (http://www.eiu.edu/basicskillstest/actortap.php). 
    • Provide documentation of the above and complete any other requirements and documentation as necessary for both EIU and the educational internship site.

    Candidates who fail to meet the TAP requirements are not eligible to enroll in the Educational Internship and therefore are not eligible for a K-12 Educator License with Endorsement by the Illinois State Board of Education.  Candidates who become ineligible for the Educational Internship must instead complete CDS 5985 Clinical Internship.


  • Credits: 9
  • Candidates approved for Clinical Internship register for 9 semester hours.

    Clinical Internship (CDS 5985) is available to candidates who do not meet the requirements for Educational Internship (CDS 5970).  Candidates completing this approved alternative are not eligible for the K-12 Educator License with Illinois State Board of Education Endorsement.


Graduate Assistantships

Information on graduate assistantships may be obtained by contacting the Coordinator of Graduate Studies or Chair, Communication Disorders and Sciences Department, second floor of the Human Services Building, EIU

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