May 28, 2023  
2021-2022 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Nursing (B.S.) (RN to BSN Online Program)

Total Semester Hours required for the Degree: 120 semester hours

The RN to BS Nursing Program is committed to offering superior, accessible undergraduate nursing education for registered nurses pursuing a bachelor’s of science degree with a major in nursing. The courses are taught via distance education to accommodate the schedules of working professionals.

Admission to the Nursing Major

Admission decisions are made once the application process is complete.

Provisional Admission to the Nursing Major

Provisional admission to the major is available to students from community colleges where EIU has a Dual Track Agreement in place.  Students from these community colleges may apply for provisional admission. Students provisionally admitted to the Nursing major may enroll in EIU coursework as provided in the dual track agreement.  Full unconditional admission will be granted when students meet the RN to BS in Nursing program requirements. For information about the Dual Track Agreements and community colleges participating in the agreements, contact the Nursing Program office at EIU, 217-581-7049.

Criteria for Admission to the Major:

  1. Unconditional admission to the University
  2. Complete Application for the RN to BS in Nursing Program
  3. Achievement of a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher
  4. RN license from state of residence or completion of an Associate Degree in Nursing and license eligible.

Advising after Admission

Courses or their equivalents are recommended with a grade of “C” or better to meet the general education requirements.

AND one of the following 3 or 4 credit course(s) (or its equivalent):

General Education Requirements

Foundational Courses (Writing-6, Speaking-3, Math-3) 12 hours
Quantitative Reasoning in Natural Sciences  7 hours
Citizenship in Social and Behavioral Sciences  9 hours
Communication in Humanities and Fine Arts  9 hours
Senior Seminar or Study Abroad Capstone  3 hours
Total 40 hours


Organizational Development (ODL and Public Health (PUBH) Interdisciplinary Courses

The major requires two interdisciplinary courses: one from the Department of Organizational Development and one from the Department of Public Health. The courses typically offered each semester are shown below. However, the course selection may vary each semester dependent upon the interdisciplinary courses offered by the ODL and PUBH departments. Therefore, students must select an ODL and a PUBH interdisciplinary course under advisement from the School of Nursing advisor.

Progression Requirements:

  1. Students enrolled in the RN to BS in Nursing Program must earn a ‘C’ or better in all major requirement courses to progress in the program.
  2. Students must maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.00 throughout their enrollment in the RN to BS in Nursing Program.2
  3. A nursing course in which a student failed to earn a grade of ‘C’ or better may be repeated by the student only one time. Failure to receive a grade of ‘C’ or better for a second time of any nursing course will result in dismissal from the program.
  4. Students admitted without an active nursing license must successfully pass the national licensure exam and submit proof of license for permission to register in 4000 level courses.


1 This major does not require the completion of a foreign language through high school or college work as a graduation requirement. Of the 120 semester hours required to complete the degree, at least 25 semester hours earned at EIU must be included.

2 Major GPA based on all nursing courses taken at EIU.