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2021-2022 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2021-2022 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of History

History with Teacher Licensure Option (B.A.)

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Total Semester Hours required for the Degree: 127 semester hours

Semester Hours required for the History with Teacher Licensure Option: 67 semester hours

The History with Teacher Licensure Option is for students who would like to major in History and gain Illinois state licensure at the secondary level to teach all of the social sciences (history, economics, geography, political science, psychology and sociology/anthropology). Students wanting to teach AP or Honors in any individual subject besides history need an endorsement. For students also wanting to be eligible to teach middle school social studies, passage of an additional content test is required.

This option requires that students follow and meet the requirements for Admission, Retention and Graduation from Teacher Licensure programs as described in the “Teacher Licensure Programs” section of this catalog and as explained at the University Admission to Teacher Education Meeting which all students must attend. Additional information on Admission, Retention and Graduation for Teacher Licensure programs can be found on the College of Education website at

Students must receive a “C” or better in all courses used toward graduation, regardless of where they are taken. This includes general education, professional education, major and minor course, all university required courses, and electives. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.65 in order to continue in the education program. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 and major GPA of 2.75, in order to be approved for student teaching. Approval for student teaching requires that the minimum GPA be held at the beginning of the semester prior to the student-teaching semester. Students must also pass the requisite state content test in order for student teaching approval. 

Students must complete the professional education coursework following the Secondary Education Professional Education Sequence. Information is available in the Teacher Licensure Program section of this catalog.

Students must pass the appropriate test (whether it be APT, edTPA, or some other test) before they can receive their teaching license from Illinois or any other state.

History with Teacher Licensure Option Comprises:

Students must complete all the professional coursework under the Regular Secondary Education Program.

40 Semester Hours of General Education

Up to 18 hours from the Major may double count for General Education, and students are advised to review major requirements as they select General Education coursework.

34 Semester Hours in the Professional Education Core

The Professional Education Core consists of the Regular program (See below.)


Two SOS Electives (s credits) from the following departments:

Political Science

Outside these departments, CTE 3000 - Consumers in the Marketplace - and HSL 2300g - Personal and Family Financial Literacy - may also count as electives.

Electives should be chosen in careful consultation with undergraduate advisor and in consultation with endorsement options in secondary social science and minor requirements for other social studies subjects and interdisciplinary minors such as Africana Studies, Anthropology, Asian Studies, Premodern Global Studies, Religious Studies, and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies.


Students must complete all the professional coursework under the Secondary Education Program.

Major GPA based on all CTE and HSL courses taken for the major and all ANT, ECN, GEO, HIS, PLS, PSY, SOC, and SOS courses taken at EIU.

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