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2017-2018 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts for Teacher Licensure Option (B.A.)

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Total Semester Hours required for the Degree: 120+ semester hours

Semester Hours required for the Theatre Arts for Teacher Licensure Option: 44 semester hours

Standard High School Certificate

The Department of Theatre Arts offers programs leading to the Bachelor of Arts degree. It concentrates on undergraduate programs that stress the interdependency of academic and production experiences. This liberal arts program emphasizes the importance of a broad theatre background and the mastery of theatre fundamentals in preparation for the more advanced training found in graduate schools or in professional theatre internship/apprentice programs, or for a career in theatre education.

All students begin a major in Theatre Arts with a core of requirements. Through audition, interview and/or advisement, the Theatre Arts major then selects a particular emphasis that will aid in attaining career goals. Theatre Arts majors must earn a minimum of at least a “C” (2.0) in each major course. A GPA of not less than 2.65 is required in the major.

NOTE: Students majoring in Theatre Arts with Teaching Licensure Option must meet the licensure requirements for endorsement in a second teaching area other than psychology or communication studies. Length of time necessary for completion of the degree will vary depending upon area chosen.

The BA in Theatre Arts with Teacher Licensure comprises

  1. 40 hours in general education;
  2. 34-37 hours in the regular professional education core;
  3. 44 hours in major courses; and
  4. a second teaching area. 

For students wanting to be eligible to teach in a middle school, additional Middle Level Education courses are required.

Option in Theatre Arts for Teacher Licensure**

Standard High School Certificate

This major requires that students follow and meet the requirements for Admission, Retention and Graduation from Teacher Licensure programs as described in the Teacher Licensure Programs section of this catalog and as explained at the University Admission to Teacher Education Meeting which all students must attend.  Students must gain University Approval to Take Teacher Education Courses no later than the end of their first semester Junior year in order to use this suggested plan.  Additional information on Admission, Retention and Graduation for Teacher Licensure programs can be found on the College of Education & Professional Studies website at

All students must pass the Illinois Licensure Test of Academic Proficiency (TAP). Students can substitute ACT plus Writing or SAT scores for the TAP if they meet the minimum scores set by the Illinois State Board of Education.  These scores can be found at or by contacting the CEPS Dean’s Office.  Students should complete this requirement no later than their sophomore year.

Students must receive a “C” or better in all courses used toward graduation, regardless of where they are taken. This includes general education, professional education, major and minor course, all university required courses, and electives. Students must maintain a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 2.65 in order to continue in the program.

Students must complete the professional education coursework following the Regular Secondary Education Professional Education Course Sequence. Information is available in the Teacher Licensure Program section of this catalog.

Students must pass the edTPA (teacher performance assessment) before they can receive their teaching license from Illinois or any other state. Students will make their edTPA submission during student teaching.

Major Requirements- Total Semester Hours: 44


Performance Courses - 11 hrs.

Technical & Design Electives - 14 hrs.

History & Literature Courses - 6 hrs.

  • History/Literature Elective. Credits: 3

Foundation Courses - 4 hrs.


NOTE: Students majoring in Theatre Arts with Teaching Licensure Option must meet the licensure requirements for endorsement in a second teaching area other than psychology or communication studies.

* A fee is required in Theatre Arts 2210 and 2211 for shop materials.

** For the education course work required for this option, see Teacher Licensure Programs

*** Will not count as Senior Seminar credit for Theatre Arts or English Majors.


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