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2011-2012 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Military Science/Reserve Officers’ Training Corps

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R.O.T.C. is a leadership development program culminating in a commission as an officer in the United States Army. Offered at EIU since 1980, R.O.T.C. can be completed by students majoring in any field of study offered by the University. Entry into the program can be accomplished as an undergraduate or graduate student. The program is conducted in two segments; the Basic course and the Advanced course. Full room and board or tuition scholarships are available to qualified students. (See Financial Aid section.)

Upon completion of the program, U. S. Army Officer commissions may be offered in either the Adjutant General, Air Defense, Armor, Artillery, Aviation, Chemical, Engineer, Field Artillery, Finance, Infantry, Medical Service, Military Intelligence, Military Police, Ordnance, Quartermaster, Signal or Transportation Branch.

Army Senior ROTC Basic Course

Students participating in the basic course incur no military obligation.

The Basic Course is designed to introduce cadets to the fundamentals of leadership and to prepare them for success in the ROTC Advanced Course. The content and methods of the Basic Course assume no prior cadet experience or other military training. The ROTC Basic Course consists of classroom introduction to the Army and officership during the first year, and the experiential examination of leadership, group process, and decision-making during the second year. These activities are both inside the classroom and in outdoor settings. In addition to military skills, practical skills for life are emphasized throughout these first two years. By the end of the Basic Course, cadets should have an essential understanding of the unique aspects of the officer corps, fundamentals of leadership and decision-making, the Army’s institutional values, and principles of individual fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

Credit for the basic course may be granted for members or prior members of the active Army, Army Reserve or Army National Guard upon verification of basic training completion. Credit may also be granted by verification of completion of High School JROTC or the five-week Leadership Training Course (LTC) at Fort Knox, Kentucky (normally accomplished between the sophomore and junior years). Students completing the Leadership Training Course will receive academic credit by enrolling in MSC 2003.

Classes consist of:

Note: Students who are Federal or State Scholarship recipients are required to enroll in KSS 1000.

Army Senior ROTC Advanced Course

Taken after the requirements for the basic course have been met.

The Army ROTC Advanced Course is comprised of four courses and the Leader Development Assessment Course (LDAC) MSC 3003 during the summer between the Junior and Senior year. The Advanced Course is designed to teach all knowledge, skills, and attitudes essential for commissioning as a new second lieutenant, and to establish a sound foundation for a career as a commissioned Army officer. The content and methods of the Advanced Course comprise the minimum curriculum that an individual must complete in order to be commissioned.

Classes consist of:

Enrollment Requirements

For the Basic Course
U.S. citizen; at least 17 years of age; physically fit; of good moral character; ability to complete program prior to reaching 28 years of age (may be waived).

For the Advanced Course
Completion of, or credit for, Basic course; at least two years of academic study remaining; sign a contract to serve as a commissioned officer in the Active Army, Army Reserves, or National Guard if offered, for a prescribed period; approval of the Chair of the Military Science Department.

Benefits of the Program

  • Leadership Development
  • Adventure Training
  • Opportunity to compete for tuition waivers
  • Opportunity for full room and board or tuition scholarships 
  • Opportunity to pay for books and all mandatory fees 
  • Contracted military science students earn up to $500 per month subsistence pay. 
  • Pay and travel reimbursement for summer camp attendance
  • Commission in the United States Army, if offered.
  • Student can contract with our program once he/she obtains 54 credit hours, is offered a federal scholarship or is an otherwise qualified academic sophomore. Those freshmen and sophomores with a 2.5 cumulative GPA can apply for scholarships through the Military Science Academic Advisor at 217-581-5944 or on the website www.eiu.edu/~armyrotc.
  • High School seniors can apply for four-year Federal Scholarships by contacting: http://schlr4yr.usarmyrotc.com/rotc/schlr4yr/index.htm/.
  • Sophomore students with a 2.5 cumulative GPA can apply for a paid Leadership Internship offered each summer with no contractual obligation.

Additional Opportunities

Under the Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP), enlisted members of the Army Reserve or Army National Guard may enroll in the Advanced course and continue to train with their unit.

Opportunities in Airborne, Air Assault and/or other types of Adventure training are available for qualified volunteers.

On-campus opportunities are available with the Leadership Excellence Club, Ranger Challenge Team, Rifle Marksmanship and intramural competition.

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