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2011-2012 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2011-2012 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Art with Teacher Certification Option (B.F.A)

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An option in the Art (B.F.A.) offerings.

The BFA in Art with Teacher Certification (Art Education Option) provides professional training and experiences leading to teacher certification for grades K-12. Students must receive a “C” or better in all art and professional education courses and maintain a minimum cumulative and major GPA of 3.0 in order to continue in the program.

This major requires that students follow and meet the requirements for Admission, Retention and Graduation from Teacher Certification programs as described in the “Teacher Certification Programs” section of this catalog and as explained at the University Admission to Teacher Education Meeting which all students must attend. Students must gain University Approval to Take Teacher Education Courses no later than the end of their first semester Junior year in order to complete program requirements in a reasonable timeframe. Additional information on Admission, Retention and Graduation for Teacher Certification programs can be found on the College of Education & Professional Studies website at www.eiu.edu/ceps/teached.

All students must pass the Illinois Certification Test of Basic Skills for selection into teacher education and should complete this requirement no later than the end of their first semester junior (3rd) year.

Students have two options for completing the professional education coursework – Regular Secondary Education Program and Integrated Secondary Education Program (ISEP). Students are encouraged to apply for the ISEP to complete the professional education coursework; contact Secondary Education Office for admission information. Consult with your academic advisor and read the Teacher Certification Program section of this catalog for more information regarding these two options.

Core Requirements

1. 74 Semester Hours in Art Studio, Art History, and Art Education

Consisting of the following:

a. 44 Semester Hours in Studio Art Courses

* 3 semester hours of Studio Art elective chosen from:

* 9 semester hours of Studio Art electives chosen from:

* 9 semester hours of Studio Art electives in a selected media

The nine semester hours of studio art electives in a selected art medium should be taken from coursework in ceramics, drawing and painting, graphic design/electronic media, metalsmithing, printmaking, sculpture, or weaving.

b. 12 Semester Hours in Art History courses:

* 6 semester hours of required Art History courses:

* 3 semester hours of Art History elective chosen from:

* 3 semester hours in Art History electives numbered at the 3610 level or above (See footnote 2)


2. 24-30 Semester Hours in the Professional Education Core

Students must complete all the professional coursework under either the Integrated Secondary Education Program (ISEP) or the Regular Secondary Education Program.

3. 40 Semester Hours in General Education

Please refer to the catalog section titled ”Academic Programs – General Education” for information regarding General Education requirements for ALL Teacher Certification candidates.

4. 0-8 Semester Hours in Foreign Language to Meet Graduation Requirements

The graduation requirement is successful completion of two courses in a single foreign language. Exemption: Students entering university FALL 1993 and thereafter must have completed two (2) years in a single foreign language in high school with an average grade of C or better for the two years’ work in order to have previously satisfied this requirement.


Major GPA based on all art courses taken at EIU

(Footnote 1) ART 2601G and ART 2602G can count to meet major courses requirements in art history in addition to the Fine Arts component of the general education program.

(Footnote 2) Art History Electives Chosen from:

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