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2017-2018 EIU Undergraduate Catalog 
2017-2018 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Music

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(B. Music; Bachelor of Arts in Music)

Information for Incoming Students

Information on audition dates and requirements is available at the Department of Music Website (www.eiu.edu/music) or by calling the office at 217/581-3010. All entering freshmen and transfer students planning to major in music must pass an audition before enrolling. Prospective composition students must also provide scores and/or recordings of original compositions. Students who are pursuing the teacher licensure option are also required to complete an interview with a music education faculty member. Students who wish to transfer credit in music theory, aural training, music history, applied studies, and piano are required to take placement examinations in these subjects.

Applied Study

All music majors are required to study intermediate or advanced music performance on a one-to-one basis with a studio instructor. Such study is referred to as “applied study.” While majors may pursue more than one area of applied study, each student must complete a sizable block of hours in one primary instrument or voice.

The hours of applied study taken each semester vary depending upon the program option in which the student is enrolled. The hours for primary or principal applied study are as follows: 

Degree Program Credit Hours per  Semester Lesson Time per Week Practice per Day
Teacher Licensure Option 1 50 min 1-2 hours
Performance Option 2 or 4 50 min 2-4 hours

Introductory Applied Study:  The study of any instrument or voice in addition to the student’s primary instrument or voice may occur in any option or concentration for one credit hour per semester with prior consent of the instructor. Non-music majors wishing to enroll in Introductory Applied Study are required to audition for the performance faculty in their area of interest. Auditions are held during the registration period before classes begin. Weekly lessons at this level are twenty-five minutes in length, and students are expected to practice twenty-five minutes per day.

The performance faculty in each area evaluates student progress in applied study each semester.

Advanced Study Jury: The advanced study jury normally occurs at the end of the fourth semester of applied study and must be passed by the end of the sixth semester, or its equivalent. Students must pass this jury in order to enroll in Advanced Applied Study. Music education majors with a vocal or instrumental concentration are required to have at least two credits of Advanced Applied Study prior to graduation; students with a general music concentration must achieve junior standing, but are not required to have upper-division credit in applied study.

Jazz Studies Juries: Jazz studies majors are required to pass a jazz studies jury and a standard jury each semester in residence. They are also required to pass a jazz studies advanced study jury and a standard advanced study jury. After passing the advanced study jury, piano students are exempted from the standard jury requirement. Guitarists are exempted from both the standard jury requirement and the standard advanced study jury requirement.

Junior Standing
In order to achieve junior standing as a music major, all students must pass the advanced study jury on their primary instrument or voice and complete MUS 2502 (Comprehensive Musicianship II) with a “C” or better. Students must achieve junior standing in order to register for MUS 4100 - Senior Recital (Teacher Certification Option) or MUS 4101 - Senior Recital (Performance Option).

Recital Attendance Requirement
All music majors are required to complete a total of five semesters of Recital (MUS 1103) for which students must attend a number of recitals and concerts on campus. The Department of Music distributes specific recital attendance requirements and procedures at the beginning of each semester. The requirement for transfer students will be determined by the chair of the Department of Music.

Student Recitals
Division and General Recitals: All students are required to appear in the series of division and general recitals in order to gain experience in musical performance, unless exempted by the applied instructor.

Degree Recitals
Option in Music Performance: Music performance majors are required to perform a fifteen-minute Sophomore Recital (MUS 2101) and, after achieving junior standing, a twenty-five minute Junior Recital (MUS 3101), and a fifty-minute Senior Recital (MUS 4101). Students with a concentration in jazz studies are required to present an additional twenty-five minute jazz recital of small-group improvisation (MUS 3102) in the junior year. The Senior Recital for jazz studies majors must include combo performance, one original composition, and one arrangement for big band. Jazz studies percussionists must demonstrate appropriate skills on mallet instruments, orchestral percussion, and drum set. Composition students should perform all music on the sophomore and junior recitals, and each of these recitals should include at least one original work. All of the music on the senior recital should be original work, with the student performing at least one piece.

Teacher Licensure Option: After passing the advanced study jury, music education majors are required to perform a fifteen-minute Junior Recital (MUS 3100) and after achieving junior standing a twenty-five minute Senior Recital (MUS 4100). Students in the general music concentration must pass an advanced study jury with Junior and Senior Recitals being optional.

Liability Notice

In the event that students choose to store their personal musical instruments on campus in any building operated by the University, they thereby waive any and all liability of the University and its employees for loss of, or damage to, such musical instruments by any cause whatsoever, including, but not limited to fire, water, windstorm or other casualty, theft, or dampness or dryness of the air.

Department Faculty

Shellie Gregorich, Chairperson

Bowman, J; Cheetham, A.; Cromwell, A.; Decker, B.; Dillingham, C.; Druffel, B.; Eckert, S.; Fagaly, S.; Hesse, S.; Jensen, G.; Johnson, R.; Johnston, P.; Kelsick, E.; Larson, D.; Lee, Su-Yuon; Miescke, K.; Neal, A.; Pope, A.; Robertson, J.; Rossi, R.; Ryan, J.; Sarvela, K.; Smith, M.

Department Telephone: 217.581.3010

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