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2021-2022 EIU Graduate Catalog 
2021-2022 EIU Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

EDL 5420 - Managing Educational Resources

(3-0-3) The course focuses on the identification, analysis and management of all resources essential to the successful operation of a school. Special attention is given to the understanding and responsibility of superintendents of schools, school principals, board members, students, teachers, and other staff members in promoting and nurturing quality relationships between the school and community. The course includes an investigative inquiry into how the efficient, effective and equitable utilization of all available resources critically impacts the establishment of educational programs focused on maximizing learning for all students. The course examines the Illinois fiscal operating systems to assist students in gaining an understanding of federal, state and local revenue sources, the requirement of accountability for these sources and the proper allocation of all resources to maximize the establishment of efficient, effective and equitable educational programming for all students. Students will be introduced to techniques for encouraging citizen involvement in schools, effective communication between the school and community, the use of media in promoting good school-community relations, community study and analysis, tax referenda and bond issue campaigns, and evaluations of school-community relations programs.

Prerequisites & Notes
EDL 5600 Introduction to Organization and Administration

Credits: 3