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    Eastern Illinois University
  Nov 18, 2017
2017-2018 Undergraduate Catalog

Biochemistry (B.S.)

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Total Semester Hours required for the Degree: 120 semester hours


Semester Hours required for the B.S. in Biochemistry: 78 semester hours

The Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry (see Footnote 1) is comprised of the following courses.

Students who have completed college-level, algebra-based physics courses (e.g., PHY 1151G, 1152G, 1161, 1162) should consult the department chair.

A five year accelerated BS/MS program is available for the Biochemistry Option. Detailed information is available at


Total Semester Hours: 78


Five Semester Hours of Electives in departments of Chemistry and Biochemistry (see Footnotes 3 and 4) or Biological Sciences (see Footnote 5).


(Major GPA based on all chemistry courses taken at EIU.)

1  Satisfies certification requirements of the American Chemical Society.
2 One course is required; the other may be used as an elective.
3 The following may not be used as electives; CHM 1040G, 3025G, 3200, and 3300.
4 Electives must include two semester hours of 3000 level or higher chemistry laboratory work. Courses that may be used to satisfy this requirement include Undergraduate Research I-IV: CHM 44001-44004, Honors Research I-II: CHM 45551 and CHM 45552, CHM 4770 or CHM 4915.
5 Only 3000 level or higher level BIO courses selected in consultation with student’s major advisor and approved by the Chemistry and Biochemistry department chair may count for electives.

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