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    Eastern Illinois University
  Feb 22, 2018
2012-2013 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Physics

Physics: Engineering Physics Option (B.S.)

(See also “Pre-Engineering Program” and “Engineering”)

This cooperative degree program requires about three years of work at EIU followed by two years of work at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign (UIUC). This program is designed to combine studies in Physics and Engineering, producing workers with greater versatility and broader skills, making them more attractive to employers of scientists and engineers.  Upon completion of the program, the student receives a Bachelor of Science in Physics: Option in Engineering Physics, from EIU and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from UIUC. Interested students should consult with the chairperson of the Pre-Engineering Studies Committee for detailed requirements of the program.

After completing 60 semester hours in this curriculum, a student may apply to the EIU Pre-Engineering Studies Committee for admission as an Engineering Physics candidate. The requirements for admission as an Engineering Physics candidate are a minimum grade point average of 3.00 and approval by the committee. Continuation as an engineering candidate includes meeting the transfer requirements of the College of Engineering at UIUC.

A student who transfers into this curriculum from another college or university must be in residence at EIU for at least one semester before he/she becomes eligible for admission as an Engineering Physics candidate.

Core Requirements

Total:  87-94 semester hours with elective credit to bring the total to 90 semester hours.

  • General Education Electives. Credits: 30 (See footnote 1)

12 Semester Hours From Category A+B+C:

Category A: At least one of:

Category C:


(Major GPA based on all EIU courses in chemistry, industrial technology, mathematics, and physics taken from the list above.)

Students completing cooperative degree programs, i.e., Engineering and Clinical Laboratory Sciences, will not be required to take a senior seminar.

1 These courses should be selected in consultation with the chairperson of the Pre-Engineering Studies Committee to ensure that Eastern’s General Education requirements and UIUC requirements are both fulfilled.

2 Students are encouraged to take all of these courses, but one or more may not be required in certain engineering fields.

3 This course should be repeated each semester that a student attends Eastern.  In the case of course conflicts with this course, a waiver should be obtained from the Chair of the Pre-Engineering Studies Committee.

4 This course has a pre-requisite of Physics 3080.

5 This course has a pre-requisite of Physics 3410.

6 A limit of 3 hours of Physics 4444*, 4555, 4601*, 4602*, 4603*, 4644, or 4800* may be counted toward the degree.