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    Eastern Illinois University
  Feb 21, 2018
2012-2013 EIU Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Department of Economics

Economics: International Studies Option (B.A.)

Core Requirements (See footnote 1)

Admission to the program requires a 2.25 GPA in Economics course work with at least six semester hours of Economics earned. Graduation from this program requires at least a “C” in each of ECN 3971 (or MAT 3701 or BUS 2810 or other equivalent courses subject to Economics Department approval), 3972 (or MAT 3702), 4689, 4801, and 4802, whether the course or its equivalent is taken at Eastern or at another school. ECN 2800G may not be counted as part of the 33 semester-hour requirement for an Economics major with an International Studies Option.

The International Studies option comprises:

33 Semester Hours in Economics Courses (See footnote 2)

33 semester hours in Economics courses (excluding 2800G) including the following required coursework:

6-8 Semester Hours in the Following Math Courses:

18-21 Semester Hours in the Following Courses:

(Students must choose at least three different subject areas):

0-4 Semester Hours in Foreign Language at the Intermediate Level

Proficiency at the intermediate level of a Foreign Language or completion of courses in Foreign Language to include:


(Major GPA based on all economics courses taken at EIU.)

1 It is strongly recommended that students complete Mathematics 2110G (or 1441G) and 2120G (or 2550) before enrolling in Economics courses numbered 4750 or above. Mathematics 1441G, 2550, 3701, and 3702 are recommended for those students who wish to enter Ph.D. programs in Economics. It is also strongly recommended that prospective Ph.D. students complete the entire calculus sequence by following Mathematics 1441G with Mathematics 2442 and 2443 which are the prerequisites for Mathematics 3701 and 3702, as well as the differential equations sequence, Mathematics 3501 and 3502.

2 Substitution of Business 2810, Mathematics 3701, 3702 or other equivalent courses for Economics 3971 or Economics 3972 does not reduce the 33 semester hours required in Economics courses.  That is, the student may need to add one or two elective ECN courses to his/her program.

3 Or Mathematics 3701 or Business 2810 or other equivalent courses subject to Economics Department approval.

4 Or Mathematics 3702.

5 Prerequisites: ECN 3860 or permission of the instructor. Requires admission to the School of Business or permission of the Associate Chair.

6 Prerequisites: BUS 1950; BUS 2101; BUS 2102; BUS 3710; ECN 2802G; ECN 3860; FIN 3730. Requires admission to the School of Business or permission of the Associate Chair.

7 The MGT and FIN courses count as one subject area.

8 No more than six hours from Study Abroad will be counted towards completion of this option.